Paternity test cost

A paternity test can be mandatory for various reasons. Most women are unsure about the cost of this test. Information about cheap paternity test is commonly available online.

Factors on which the Paternity test Cost depends:
The cost of this test will depend on various factors. The factors leading to the paternity test, the residing state, the procedure in which the sample is going to be collected and the total number of individuals going to be tested are the major factors leading to determine the cost of a DNA test.

When paternity tests are conducted owing to the directive of a court, the cost of the test can vary compared to the tests done by an individual to ascertain the biological relationship with the child. Often, referred as a legal paternity test, this procedure involves some steps. Firstly, the whole testing process needs to be documented and the sample collection is done by a trained person. On the other hand, paternity tests conducted for personal information are referred as home paternity tests and can be done in any lab as preferred by the individual. However, these tests are seldom approved in any court of law. Then, there are situations when the doctor who collects the samples for the test, includes his fees along with the test. This can also add up to the cost of the DNA test. Moreover the cost of this paternity test taking into account all the possible situations the range will be $159 to $459.

Usually, the results of the paternity tests are accurate, but in rare cases, inconclusive results would demand another detailed test to be conducted. Owing to the complexities involved in this test, the cost can be much more than the initial test. Generally, if a paternity test is considered obligatory when the woman is pregnant, the procedure of collecting sample will be different. The cost of this test can be very costly since this includes the entire costs of the medical procedure in addition to the costs involved in carrying out the paternity test. The accuracy of the DNA test is important, therefore, the costs involved should not be the sole criterion. A paternity test should always be done from a renowned lab.