Paternity test online

A paternity test online can be ordered easily in the present day. Anyone looking to overcome their doubts on paternity will find peace of mind as the results are 99.95 accurate.  This can be done in two ways. Firstly, a home-based paternity kit can be brought and then perform the steps as instructed in the manual of the kit. The sample collected is then sent to the preferred lab by intimating them online. The another way to do this is to order the paternity test kit from the lab as soon as someone decides to verify the parentage.

Procedure for testing
The lab will supply the necessary kit. Usually, the kit will contain oral swabs. These swabs are to be used inside the mouth. The lab will also send all the information related to the swabs should be used. It will also have a consent form to get signatures of the people participating in the test. A good lab will test at least 21 DNA markers. After the samples are collected the lab would test them vigorously to determine results. It does not take more than 5/7 days for the results to be derived. The lab can either post the result online or mail the person who had requested for the test.

Use of these paternity tests
These tests are however not admissible for submission as evidence in a court.  The same lab can perform the DNA test if the court issues an order them to do so. The procedure for testing will be different and it is advisable to read the information on the legal paternity testing page for a better knowledge. The paternity test online, ordered from the home can have certain limitations. For instance, the alleged father may not be present, or the mother is not interested in performing this test. In such cases, the collected samples will always have some drawbacks. The DNA test instructed by a court has to be performed specifically, as this is going to be produced in the court for further determination of parentage.