Paternity test after birth

A paternity test after birth also referred as postnatal paternity test as the name suggests can be performed soon after the delivery of the child. This test is considered absolutely safe for both the mother and child. The DNA sample is collected from the alleged father and the child.

There can be various methods to do this that include, drawing blood and then testing it, placing a swab and running it inside the cheek, umbilical cord testing, collecting samples of hair or even analyzing semen. The home paternity test kits are one such example of a postnatal paternity test, where you can get the results for your personal knowledge.

The postnatal paternity tests are not always preferable and the prenatal paternity tests are currently favored. This is also because there are specific laws governing such tests that should be done before the child is born. Moreover, postnatal paternity tests are a safe and painless method. The paternity test results are also accurate. For the integrity of results, the paternity test after birth should be carried out by experienced labs, preferably those accredited by the AABB.