Paternity test at home

A paternity test is able to provide conclusive evidence establishing the biological relation of a man with a child. Presently, the remarkable advancements achieved in medical science enables you to undergo a DNA paternity testing at the comfort of your home. The DNA paternity testing kit is readily available for your convenience you can derive the paternity test results in a short period. The paternity test at home is can be done easily. Generally, a swab is used for this home based test. This swab is then wiped inside the mouth covering the area of the cheek. The home paternity test kits can contain swabs for the alleged father and child or sometimes a third one for getting the sample from the mother. Upon completion of the test, an E-mail is sent to the selected lab. The outcome of the test is consequently posted online after the lab performs the needful to derive results.

The home paternity test is solely designated for personal knowledge and is not accepted in the court of law. On the event, a lawsuit is claimed the court will give instructions to conduct the paternity test from a lab accredited by AABB to verify the integrity of the results. Nevertheless, home paternity test results in most cases are accurate and those who undergo this test can confirm the parentage of the child. The home paternity test has become very popular in the recent years. As already described, the procedure involved is easy one can easily avoid botheration of booking an appointment at a clinic.

It is crucial for everyone to get accurate results of the home-based paternity test. For this, you should ensure some points. First of all choose a renowned lab, secondly, the quality of the home paternity test kit, it is advisable to get these kits that are relatively new and lastly, the way the test has been performed. The directions mentioned in the kit are needed to be followed minutely for the sake of accurate results. Low-cost home paternity tests can be frequently observed when searching for a reliable home-based kit.  However, the chances are these companies offer cheap services since they do not test all the necessary genetic markers and also test the sample only once. All these factors can seriously affect the accuracy of the results. Therefore, consider only those labs that are accredited by AABB. This would guarantee accuracy and complete satisfaction of mind.