Paternity test without mother

Ascertaining paternity is crucial for the sake of a child as the parentage information is necessary for various reasons. There can be a situation when conducting a paternity test becomes necessary but the mother of the child is not interested in it. The easy availability of the paternity kits makes it easy for anyone to conduct the paternity test. If a father is eager to go for this test, he can do so even if the mother refuses to participate.

The best way for establishing paternity without the mother:
Previously, it was necessary to obtain the samples of the mother’s DNA for accurate results. Things have changed now establishing paternity of a child is possible without testing the mother. The scope of testing the DNA areas has increased at present. Yet, testing the mother’s DNA increases the chances of an accurate result in situations where an extended paternity test is done. This is a situation when the father is not present, and the samples are collected from the close relatives of the father. Instead of relying on the home-based DNA tests, it is recommended to conduct the paternity test from a lab accredited by the AABB for accurate results. The DNA test performed by collecting the samples of the father and child usually yield conclusive results.

Importance of a mother while testing the DNA:
The paternity DNA test requires the consent of the legal guardian, in the absence of the mother the DNA test would require the consent of all those close members or relatives in the family. In such circumstances, the lab would perform an extensive test for achieving accurate results. These tests are expensive and can take a longer time for disclosing the results. With the involvement of both the mother and alleged father, the likelihood of accuracy increases.